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Your Time Management

Many have thought “instructors report that online courses take more time than traditional courses to teach” (Gabriel & Kaufield, 2008). However, more recent research has shown “In addition, teaching online is more time consuming than teaching face-to-face, but this is only the case for the first time and perhaps the second time teaching the course.  After the second time, teaching a course online or face-to-face is relatively the same in terms of time” (Freeman, 2015). In order to maintain your schedule and fulfill your other responsibilities, you’ll want to set a plan for managing your time.

Instructors approach this differently. Find the time management system that works best for you, and communicate this to the students in the beginning of the course. Then stick to it.


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A collection of various weekly schedule templates. You can select a template to build your own weekly schedule.

Test Yourself

Using this weekly schedule, write out your plan for how you will plan your time for the course.

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