Welcome to Ready to Teach, an instructional suite of modules designed to help you navigate the stages of online course development and teaching. Each 30-minute module follows the same structure: insights from fellow instructors, key concepts, interactive examples, and templates to apply to your own course. Whether you are revamping a course you teach in a traditional classroom, starting from scratch, or just curious about the process, these modules will help you prepare to deliver the highest quality online courses.

Are You Ready to Teach?

To evaluate your preparedness to teach online, take the certificate exam cumulatively addressing concepts of plan, develop, teach, and evaluate.

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Ready to Teach is designed so you can explore at your own pace and in your own order. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you can take this 2-question survey to find out.

Learn how to plan a course on paper before beginning production.
Learn how to develop content, assessments, and activities that support course goals.
Learn strategies for teaching and communicating with students online.
Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a course post-offering.